I Love Photography


My passion for photography grew from my childhood. I would take mom’s camera and take photos of everything I found interesting enough. After a while, when I showed the pictures to my family I was surprised at how many emotions they can evoke! But that was just the beginning. As I grew older I showed my photos to different people and they also were fascinated by them. They laughed, smiled, or even cried when looking at the pictures.

Once I took a photo of the peach cake my mother baked. This was the turning point in my life when I realized I had a talent for taking such pictures. I remember running with camera in my hands and photographing mom in the cooking process. She preheated the oven, mixed flour with salt and baking powder, added butter, sugar and eggs. Then she got the peaches and added them to the mix.

When everything was ready she baked the cake and put some beautiful peach slices on the top of it. Looking at mom, it was impossible to imagine there was a time when she couldn’t cook. It seemed like she was born a chef.

A few years later, we started travelling. I never left my camera, not for a minute. I was like an addict. For me the main reason to travel and explore is photography, especially food photography. I was inspired and tried to take a picture of everything I could see or take a bite of. But there was nothing more satisfying than getting a perfect shot.

Among all the pictures I took, I can name no more than 10 perfect photos. And each time it was all about food. In the pursuit of the perfect shot I could forget to think about other pictures which were pretty good, so I felt stressed out.

Although it has its stressful times, photography can actually be very relaxing. I could feel it when my whole family was together at the table, savoring the kit kat cake my mother and me had made. I still remember how to cook it. First, we preheated the pans and mixed together the cake mix, sugar and salt. Then we put the batter on the pans and baked them together for 25 minutes.

The most exciting part began when we mixed the butter with cream cheese, milk and vanilla, gradually adding the chocolate. It smelled fantastic! But we had to frost each layer before putting on another one. But it was totally worth it! The picture was excellent, by the way. And I didn’t feel tired, just relaxed and happy.

Photography really let me express my thoughts and feeling the way I wanted. It’s an international language that every person can understand. I could send any message using my hands and skills.

For example, when I felt tired and worthless I usually went out for a walk and took some pictures of nature. When I thought I was on top of the world I would meet up with my friends and take some pictures of them. Maybe that’s why I can remember my life so clearly. I put everything I felt into my pictures and now when I look at them they take me back to that exact moment. Isn’t that magic? I guess I created a time machine!


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