Frisco Jewelry: Questions to Ask a Diamond Dealer in Frisco


Diamonds are precious gems and are pricey so a buyer will be wise to know more about them before buying them. Wholesale loose diamonds in Frisco can be a good choice since you can get them at a lower price and most wholesale diamond dealers would allow buyers to buy one diamond from their store. Saving around 40% to 60% on purchasing diamonds is a big thing. However, do not choose the best diamond dealer you can find in your area in Frisco.

Why are certain diamonds on sale in Frisco?

Asking this question will give you clarity on the reasons why some diamonds are sold at a lower price. Some may have flaws or some may have been enhanced by lasers which lose their value. Asking them would at least let you know if they are worth it to buy or not. You can also test the honesty of the diamond dealer by revealing the real reasons behind the low prices.

How much does size really matter in Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings don’t have a standard sizing when it comes to the diamond stone it has. Since some women want a bigger stone while some may prefer smaller ones. So better base it on the preference of the wearer. Asking these questions can make your dealer recommend preferable sax on the engagement rings you want so they can match with the setting you want. Since they are more familiar with the sizing of the stones it’s good to ask their opinion.

Why do some diamonds sparkle more than others?

Asking this question from your diamond dealer can test their knowledge of the diamonds they are selling. A diamond dealer will be able to explain that the cut can determine the diamond’s sparkle. Diamonds with an excellent cut can sparkle more compared to path diamonds that have a poor cut, that’s why among the 4cs, the cut should be the one to be focused on. Maximize the sparkle of your diamonds by getting an excellent cut.

What are your Return and Exchange policies?

It is important to ask this question so you won’t get into trouble once you have bought the diamond. Know their return and exchange policies since it is not guaranteed that unavoidable circumstances won’t happen. By knowing their return and exchange policies you will know what to do just in case you got the wrong stone. Plus you can determine if the policy is agreeable to you before you make the purchase.

Are your Diamonds Certified?

Asking this question can help you clarify if their diamonds are evaluated properly or not. You can also ask who evaluated the diamonds since getting diamond certificates from legit evaluators can give you more assurance on the diamonds you are buying. If they are partnered with the Gemological Institute of America then you are guaranteed since they are one of the most popular laboratories that evaluate diamonds.

Are your Diamonds Natural?

There are several types of diamonds, so asking if they are naturally mined can be a good one. Although lab diamonds are labeled well when sold, asking this question will make you more assured that you’re getting a diamond that is naturally made. Most wholesale diamonds sell naturally mined diamonds but verifying it as a buyer is not bad at all.

In fact, honest diamond sellers would not hesitate to prove that their diamonds are naturally mined and not synthetically made. Naturally mined diamonds may be more pricey despite getting them at a wholesale price but their values are greater than that of the synthetically made.

Now that you are aware of Frisco Jewelry: Questions to ask a diamond dealer in Frisco. You can now start looking for wholesale diamond dealers to visit and start asking them these questions. Wholesale diamond dealers are used to customers who ask them several questions since they are selling precious gems and they know their worth.

Good diamond dealers would be willing to answer those questions and make a good discussion with their customers to make them feel that their diamonds are authentic and they are legit diamond dealers. Knowledgeable diamond dealers can help encourage customers to choose them over the others since they are able to answer all the questions they are asked.


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