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Best Online Tools for Authors & Writers to Use in 2019


Most people get impressed when they go through a publication written by one of their favorite authors. However, you should never forget that authors work very hard to come up with successful publications. It is not easy to produce a quality publication because the targeted readers would expect everything including the grammar of written content.

If you have grammatical mistakes in your book, do not expect a lot of readers to take interest. When readers go through content with grammatical issues, they develop the perception that the author is not experienced. As a result, there is every chance that your publication would turn into failure. The easiest way to handle this is to perform Grammar Check of the work you write for your readers.

Mistakes identified in quick time

Using a quality grammar checker simply means that you do not have to put in any effort for proofreading. All you need to do is focus on the writing process. Authors do not have an easy routine by any means. When they are working on a book, they have very strict deadlines.

A lot of writing tasks have to be completed in a short duration. Considering this fact, a quality editing tool is necessary for them. Reputed authors who use these tools do not have to check each sentence before the book goes into publishing stage.

Use a Punctuation Tool

It is very simple to use a grammar checker tool. In few minutes, you would know about each error present in your content. For instance, if you have made ten mistakes related to tenses, each one of them would be shown on your screen. There is no need to search for errors and have a doubt that you have written grammatically incorrect content. Here is now these tools can be used.

Tools reduce effort needed

You can be rest assured that manual proofreading is a cumbersome and exhausting task. You need to put in all the required attention and go through each line. Even after putting in so much effort, there is always a chance that you may skip errors. The possibility is there because books comprise of several chapters which means that a lot of information has to be proofread. Thus, it is very much possible that you may overlook a paragraph that has grammar issues.

Using the Counter Tool

If you are a professional author, you would have word limits for each chapter or book section you are working on. For instance, consider that you are working on the introduction chapter and the maximum word count for the chapter can be 1000 words. How would you know that the word limit has been reached? The lengthy option of counting each word on your fingers is always there. However this option would make your quite tired. Other than that, you may make a mistake with the count so efficiency issues do exist.

If you have access to a high quality word counter tool, you can check the count at any time without putting any effort.

Summing It Up

With technological tools available for word counting, grammar checking and other tasks, things have become much simpler for professional writers. They do not have to put in extra effort and complete tasks manually. Using these tools helps in completing the tasks quickly and that too without making any errors. Technological tools do not make mistakes unlike humans.

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