An Expert Guide For Marketers To Go Live On TikTok

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In this competitive digital world, everything is profoundly changing, and as a marketer, you need to choose an excellent representative platform to market your brand. Currently, TikTok is the fastest growing platform with millions of active users worldwide. This platform has drawn a wide array of marketers’ attention with its exciting features and grabbed more young people’s attention to this platform in a short period. As it provides several opportunities for advertisers to promote their brand, marketers should utilize one noteworthy feature: live streaming.

In order to go live on TikTok, it is essential to have at least 1000 followers. As TikTok allows you to buy tiktok followers from one of the trusted service providers, gear up your efforts. So you can go live on TikTok and encourage more users to watch your live session, which will bring new prospects to your business. Moreover, to build a meaningful relationship with the users, make your live session more interactive. If you get a large number of followers, it builds your brand’s trust that instantly increases your sales. Go through this article to get some valuable tips to go live on TikTok and leverage your business.

Trollishly: Set The Goal To Optimize Your Live Video

Anything we do in our life or our business depends on a specific goal. Like everything, your TikTok live session should have a purpose.

So, have you decided what your goal is?

When you are streaming live, make sure what you like to convey with your audience?

Further, to proceed with your live streaming, decide what you want to achieve, whether you need to promote your brand, build community or increase engagement. There are limitless ideas that you can do in TikTok. Once you have fixed your goal, proceed to the following stage.

Choose A Topic Of Interest

Once you’ve defined your goal, find a topic related to it and move ahead with a catchy title to catch your viewer’s attention. Going live on TikTok isn’t supposed to be a one-time event. As a result, construct a list of subjects to control the stream flowing smoothly. Additionally, you may create a sequence if you discuss a more important topic in 10-15 minutes of repeated live streaming over the course of a month or week. If you are an emerging startup or small business, sort out the problems and talk about them in certain intervals. Moreover, it is best to partner with assured service providers like Trollishly to greatly impact your customers. More brands, when going live, are using such services to increase engagement and build brand reputation.

Choose The Most Convenient Time Slot

There’s really no purpose in going live on TikTok if no one from the users is watching. Therefore, each TikTok live broadcast should be scheduled around your own best time to broadcast on TikTok. Going live at the ideal times will reach more people and possibly increase the number of views.

Optimize Your Live Session

I know you’re excited to hit the live button and start communicating to your fans, but that might not go as quickly as it would with a well-thought-out strategy. So before you go live on TikTok, well-plan how to start and end to entice the users.

Here are a few things that you have to consider to keep your TikTok live on track:

Introduce Yourself

Do you want to interact more with the audience? First, you have to introduce yourself and discuss why you are going on live. It authentically brings an audience’s attention and genuinely builds the connection with the people. Individual ones will more likely join in the live session that is resulting in increased followers. Moreover, to get the possible crowd, announce the topic and get assistance from the top sites like Trollishly. It will increase the visibility of your live session and inspire the users.

Plan The Format Ahead Of Time

Determine how you’ll communicate your thoughts to the audience once you’ve decided on a topic. For example, is this going to be a tutorial? Will you show them behind-the-scenes footage? Or interactive Q&A session with your viewers?

For example, if you promote a beauty product on a specified topic, provide a live makeup tutorial to your audience.

So think of that a clear plan will help you to stay focused.

Live Duration

Before going on live, you should have a clear idea of the duration of the live sessions. However, make sure within the particular duration of your live session to be brief and valuable. Even though TikTok offers to live for 60 minutes, limiting the duration to 30 minutes is suggested. It’s because users will always pay attention to the valuable and short sessions.

Emphasize On Technicalities

Before you go live, you have to address a few technical aspects to make your live session more appealing.


First, ensure that you have proper lighting, whereas poor lighting detracts from the viewer’s experience. When going on live, conduct your live session in the well-lit room or utilize additional lighting.

Check The Sound

Poor sound is far worse than poor lighting. People will embark into your live session to hear what you say, so while live, there are no distractions like the neighbor’s dog barking or construction work going around your house. Before you go live, select a peaceful location to broadcast from.

Good Internet Connection

The Internet is the major factor, so make sure your internet connection is stable before going live.

Unveil The Potential Of TikTok Live!

Tiktok live is an incredible feature that offers a lot of opportunities to build authentic and meaningful connections by engaging your audience. It’s all the trend, and it’s got a lot of potential for raising brand recognition, generating leads, and converting sales. If you are a marketer, it’s the moment to plan your live session by utilizing the above tips and tricks. Go live and stay ahead of the competition.


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